photo Derek Pedros
by Litmind   /   no.1   /   october 2020

How much inspiration we already owe to the artists at Litmind since we started this project!

To all the photographers, stylists, models, make-up artists and producers who presented us their creations, and to the uncountable passionate indie artists who built creative teams at Litmind and made us fly with their profoundly inspiring artworks, full of emotions and born out of the irresistible need to create every artist has.

With the creation of Shine, the Litmind blog, we expect to pay homage to the artworks and creators that inspire us the most. We'll humbly contribute our views straight out of our heart, using our own voice and the voice of the artists beneath the artworks.

For the first edition of Shine we've been immersed in the minimalist, human and geometric vision the photographer Derek Pedros has of "Schwanengesang", an art piece by the dancer Javier Arozena. We'll reflect about our own identity in the work by the photographer Celia Suárez, where she presents a beautiful collection of portraits made using a technique that mixes photography with paint, and we'll dive into the atmospheric retro-electronic style in the fashion films by Alexander Sudin. Remember to turn on your speakers for this one!

We hope it inspires you.

I wanted to be
About the masks we use to protect ourselves, and the ones we cannot get rid of. A work by Celia Suárez using a techique that mixes photography with paint.
Derek Pedros walks us through his work with the dancer Javier Arozena, where he reflects on the union of nature, human-made architecture and the living beings.
Retro wave
Discovering the Retrowave style in the fashion films by the photographer Alexander Sudin, pure retro inspiration with 80s synthesizers and VHS video cameras.
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