with Alexander Sudin

Lo-fi, scanlines, sunglasses and a Sony walkman. The Retrowave style is a nostalgic trip to the electronic music and the low-resolution aesthetics of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

@alexsudin and his team have experimented creating retrowave-style pieces in a #fashionfilm format, like "Beauty bay", the cover of this article. We recommend activating the audio for a full experience.

If you're a retro fan, you should be having some nostalgia goosebumps by now. Don't be fooled by the flares, the chromatic aberration and the low resolution, they're typical #retrowave traits.

Forget about plugins: use a VHS, Beta or a MiniDV video camera.

The low quality look might be misleading, it's not easy to get the retro feeling right: Besides the color characteristics, the definition and the optical aberrations, only a good stylist, make-up artist and hairdresser will know how to properly capture the retro essence and send your models in a trip to the past.

@alexsudin has also integrated the retrowave look in some of his commercial productions, like this one for Ensostyle on which he mixed modern filmography with retro-styled shots.

Modern photographers and videographers are inspired by the aesthetics of the 70’s. The reason is simple: fashion is going through this stage, and many designers can trace their styles back to the 70’s. Many artists have begun to shoot again on film to achieve this effect.
Alexander Sudin
I like old italian films with excellent lighting schemes and camera angle choices. For example, I recommend you to watch the film “Pane, amore e.....”, a wonderful movie with excellent acting by Sophia Loren from which I loved the photography direction.
Alexander Sudin

It all starts with an inspiration. It can be a song or a movie. Just like in the Wes Anderson's films I like, I take special care of the colors and the framing.

First, I create a mood board containing a small collage of looks I want, scouted locations and any extra lighting or props we might need.

Then I look for models. I did most of my shootings in Russia, where that's not a problem. I met most of them in my shootings, and I worked with two or three model agencies for some projects. I also look through Instagram and get recommendations from my friends.

For extra help with the styling and the model direction on the set, I work along with a friend of mine who's a photographer too.

Alexander Sudin

The retro look is just one of the faces of @alexsudin's work, discover his other creations and following to be up to date with his upcoming productions:

Beauty Bay / Cover video
Art director @MarcoPopelly
Video @alexsudin
Style @extrasooqa / @MarcoPopelly
Make-up artists @inglinasvetlana_make_up / @Rockgerla / @obukhova_makeup
Hair @kokora_hair / @umaru.ru
Models @linda.lovely.linda / @extrasooqa / @nikitasaturnov / @sigma_chel / @69panika / @ms.kirilova / @daryyyaaaaa / @sasha_dzhuglo

Salou 2020 / Video #2
Video @alexsudin
Model @kristinamalevych

Snow/Summer Fashion Show / Video #3
Video @alexsudin
Make-up artist @obukhova_makeup
Hair @kokora_hair / @umaru.ru
Model @_m.a.s.y.a__ from @models_chelyabinsk / @pablo1997222222 / @tortiksavakado / @anastasia_shundeeva / @ryabina.vlada
Style @mari.zan / @iliyazosimov
Dress @sedecim_shop / @veshevorot
Music @_arigto

Ensostyle Spring/Summer 2020 / Video #4
Video @alexsudin
Models @69panika / Anastasiya A & Anastasiya Sh. from @exclusiv74
Assistance @MarcoPopelly / @chillywilly_74
Photographer @photogolubew

Ensostyle Spring/Summer 2020 / Video #5
Video @alexsudin
Dresses @ninadar_dress

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