Pro photographer in Barcelona

My own rhythm! - Editorial for LIKE A LION Magazineby @damianrazziniphoto www.damianrazziniphoto.com

Photographer @damianrazziniphoto
Makeup artist @rafagmakeup

My own rhythm! - Editorial for LIKE A LION Magazine by @damianrazziniphoto www.damianrazziniphoto.com

Nobody knows you as well as you. When the music plays, you just simply release your body and let your soul take control. Now there’s no worries or responsibilities to solve. You have decided when the formalisms along the day get to an end. You have chosen the moment and the place to feel free. If everyone could meet you... they would know that you have the magical ability to even make the most delicate piece of cloth dance to the rhythm of your body. #BlackAndWhite #modelagency #photographer #shooting #Fashion #Barcelona #FineArt #model #Studio #Portrait

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