No bullshit policy

Only real people

We’re not aiming for one hundred million users. We’re totally fine with just a tiny fraction of that, but we want them to be real and honest. Fake accounts, fake companies, fake photos … we spend a lot of time manually reviewing all of them and attending our user’s reports. Litmind is only for real people.

Sorry, no porn here

We know too well how easy is for a community of this kind to turn into an erotic or pornography-oriented site. That’s completely out of our goal, and we have very clear policies on that. We also take special care of models under legal age.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden payments to be done, nor strange or unexpected fees: All payments and memberships are clearly labeled with their price, with all taxes included. You’ll know exactly when and how much we will charge you. What you see is what you will pay, not a penny more.

Cancellation is free

Cancelling an account and removing all the data and photos you gave us is free, of course. Some companies like Flippa charge you a cancellation fee, we think that’s crazy.

Selling data is not our business

We don't sell our users' data to anyone. Period.

We're privacy fanatics

We don't use advertising tracking cookies, we don't use Google Adsense, Google Analytics, nor any other data hungry "big brother", and we're not integrated with any advertising network. We don't use malicious fingerprinting techniques and we don't take advantage of tracking bugs like the WebRTC leak. The cookies we use at Litmind are used only by us to give you secure access to your account and to let us (and only us) obtain statistics about what happens at Litmind.

Statistics are honest

We don’t alter the information about visits, views, likes and all other social indicators. We’re not ashamed of telling you if a casting you published has only received 10 visits, the statistic numbers you see are precise and unaltered.

True refund policy

If you paid for a membership and for some reason you no longer want it, we will refund you the proportional amount for the unused time, at any time, no questions asked (We'd like to hear why you cancelled, though!)


We hate unsolicited email, and we totally don’t want to send you a single email you don’t want. We’ve created a super-precise configuration section where you can set up exactly what notification emails you want to receive from Litmind. Even if you don’t want to receive a single one, that’s ok. We won’t insist.

Shoulders to the wheel

Litmind is about photography artists widening their talents. That's all, and it's quite a big commitment. That means we're not really into that social fever of earning points, playing games and other useless time-consuming thingies. We're here to work, but don't be afraid: we like to do it the fun way.

We're here for the fun

And not for the money. Sounds cliché to you? Well, that's understandable. But we learned that good money always comes after a good service. Why we provide you with a great service has a simple answer: We love what we do.

Human coherent support

If you need human help, we’ll give you that. Any problem? Any bug? Disappointed for some reason? Angry with us? Please contact us, we have always a happy solution, and we’re not on that "stay with us and pay because you accepted our terms of service" bullshit.

Small company dreaming big

We’re a small company, and we’re all funny humans, loving what they do. Our heartbeat accelerates when a user talks about their great experience at Litmind.

We also get really sad when someone rants about Litmind. No robots are used here. You can be sure there are real people behind every section at Litmind and every support ticket, we’re constantly improving Litmind, hearing your suggestions and following conversation with our users. Try it!

This no-bullshit policies are our manifesto on what are our values, that's how we do things at Litmind, and also how we think.

This manifesto has been written as an absolute opposite of a marketing pitch. It doesn't means we're perfect: It means we're honest, we're always making our best and we deserve your trust.

Gandi, one of our technical partners, inspired us to publish our no-bullshit manifesto like they did, and we encourage all honest companies to do so.

We use cookies respectfully