The lightboxes

Compile profiles or photos by saving them into lightboxes, download your moodboards in PDF, print them or share them with your client or your team

The lightboxes are boxes where you can save photos, videos and also profiles. Create moodboards, collect artworks that inspire you in different categories, create listings of models and much more.

Lightboxes can help you in many ways, here you have some ideas:

  • Collect your favourite photos in a lightbox, or in different lightboxes.
  • Create a moodboard for each style that inspires you.
  • Create a private lightbox with the models you're considering for your next shooting.
  • Create a lightbox with the perfect inspiration for your next shooting.
  • Export your lightbox to PDF to share it with your client, or your team!
  • Attach a private note to each user, photo or video in your lightboxes.

And even more!

  • You can create private or public lightboxes. Only you can see your private lightboxes, and the users you add to them won't be notified, so they won't know you've added their profiles or their artworks there.
  • Your public lightboxes are shown in your profile, use them to let everyone know your personal curation of artworks and profiles.
  • You can store a private note
    for each profile or artwork you add to your lightboxes, and only you can read it. Use them to remember important details about the profiles and artworks in your lightboxes.

You'll find the lightbox icon in all the profiles, photos and videos at Litmind. Click it to add something to one of our lightboxes, or to create a new lightbox.

The lightboxes are an exclusive tool for users with a Plus or Pro membership. If you already have a membership, you can start creating lightboxes right now!

Create a lightbox now

If what you need is to contact multiple models at once, share files with them or chat in a private forum, create a casting instead. You might be also interested on creating a group.

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