Minor models registration

The signup of models under legal age at Litmind is allowed, but it's required that the father, the mother or a legal tutor authorizes the signup of the model. All the Terms of Use of Litmind.com, available at https://litmind.com/terms will be applied normally, and the father, the mother or the legal tutor will assume the responsibility of them in the name of the minor.
To get registered as a minor model:
  • Signup normally following all the steps, except for the last one: Don't press the button "request the validation of my profile" yet.
  • Download the authorization document by clicking here. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to open this file)
  • Print the document, and make your father, your mother or your legal tutor read it. If they authorize you to signup, they will have to fill and sign it.
  • Scan the document or take a photo of it. Be sure the image can be read nicely!
  • Send us the scanned or photographed document by email to
  • You'll receive a notification about your signup status.
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