Photo: Daniel Korpai

The new Litmind messenger

A new way to connect with photographers, models and stylists and coordinate your team for your next fashion photography production

The new Litmind messenger is dead easy to use, and lets you chat in realtime with all the users at Litmind to find what you need in a glimpse, or to organize your team for your upcoming fashion photography shooting.

Works perfectly in your computer or your smartphone, but if you don't have the Android or iOs app yet, we really encourage you to install it so you'll be chatting with your contacts on the go, amongst many more features!

Keep your contacts close with the Litmind App

The new messenger replaces the old email-style mailbox, but all your messages and contacts are safe in the new messenger button:

If you created message folders in the old mailbox, don't worry! You'll find them here. Do you need a way of organizing your contacts? The lightboxes are what you're looking for!

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