I wanted to be

by Celia Suárez

Are we just the way we are, the way we want to be, or the way other see us? This work by @celiasuarez makes us reflect on the masks we use to protect ourselves and the ones we cannot get rid of.

The time has passed and now you can see what I wanted to be.

Just a few strokes are enough to hide ourselves and see without being seen. Do we create our masks to our liking, or to the liking of others?

The photographer @celiasuarez, the art director Florent d'Heilly and the make-up artist @claudiadeanta have teamed up to create this artwork that questions not only the identity of the portrayed character, but also the identity of the observer and, maybe, also the identity of the plastic arts in general.

You invite the observer to reflect about his own identity; if we are free to create our own mask, isn't that a great self-expression freedom?

Yes, as long as we are aware of what we want. Nowadays we consume information and images without digesting them, without processing them. We compare ourselves more than ever and we're even more demanding to ourselves. Add to that an immature youth and you've got a result that resembles the Dorian Gray picture.
Celia Suárez

Finally we uncover ourselves, and only the wrinkled shreds of our mask remain. Will I be enough just as I am?

The complete production lasted for almost a year, since we had to juggle our work and this personal project. Choosing the model shots, creating the five paintings, photographing the paint as they came off and preparing the final montage also took its time.

Flo and I wanted to create a project together and I showed him the photos of some paintings I saw in the Belvedere museum by the 15th. century painter Rueland Frueauf.

Two paintings captured my attention, on which the paint started to come off and revealing the sketch below, even the base wood board of the artwork. What fascinates me is the passage of time, the discovery of the intention beneath the picture, maybe even the amendments.

Celia Suárez

The models should be young, in the typical "Lolita" look. The make-up design Claudia did, knowingly excessive and imperfect, will end showing up a carefree attitude.

It even saddened me when we destroyed Flo's paintings. When I saw the pile of shreds I wanted to photograph them, just like the final remains of each one of them. Luckily, he took care of scratching off the paint, so that doesn't falls on my conscience.

Celia Suárez

Photographer: @celiasuarez
Art direction and paintings creation: Florent d'Heilly
Make-up and hair stylist: @claudiadeanta
Models: Vovk from Blow models, Kaya from Fifth management, Flor from Fifth management, Kayako Higuchi from Trend models and Olesia from Mad models

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