¿Why my photo has disappeared from the popular listings?

Remember that all the photos in the "Populars", "Latest" and similar sections are choosen by the users, and then ordered by the number of "Likes" they receive. Also, those listings are updated automatically from time to time. This way, popular photos listings are changing almost in realtime. Maybe one day your photo is the first in the populars list, and a minute later has changed or even disappeared from populars!

The "Populars", "Latest" and similar sections do not include all the photos at Litmind, would be a really long list! Some of these sections only show photos uploaded during the last few hours, and some others are showing photos uploaded during the last days, weeks or even months.

Why we do that? Because this ways you'll always find fresh inspiration when you visit Litmind. The most popular photo on Litmind may have 10 million likes, but it won't appear on the "Populars" section if it was uploaded a year ago.

Who chooses the featured photos and how are they ordered?
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