¿What's the profile?

It's the web page that shows your information and your photos, the one that other will see when searching for profiles like yours. They will be able to know more about you (or your company, if you've been registered as one)

Your public profile has its own web address. You can pass your profile's address to anyone so they'll be able to see your profile. You can choose your customized profile web address.

Your public profile is published in the Internet. That means that anyone, in any part of the world and with only an Internet connection will be able to see it. Be sure to write or upload only the information and the photos you want to be public!

You can put your profile in invisible mode temporarily, so nobody will be able to see it. If you want to completely avoid the publication of your data and photos from the Internet, you'll have to completely cancel your account.

Customize your web address What's the invisible mode? How do I cancel my account?
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