How does the casting manager work?

Managing a casting with many candidates can easily become cumbersome, but you'll see there are some tools that will make that a lot easier for you. Here we'll give you some hints and tricks that will help you manage your casting efficiently:

  1. The best way to send a message to a candidate is to go to their profile and use the "Messenger" button. This will open a private chat with the candidate. They will receive your messages in their mobile device or to their email immediately. You'll find the candidates of your casting in the casting's manager main section (the section is titled "Members")
  2. To find all your casting, go to the Your castings sections in your account's main menu. Once there, click the "Manage casting" button in the casting you want to work with.
  3. Once you're in the casting manager, you can "Approve" or "Decline" one by one the candidate models that requested to join. You can also click their profile image or their name to see their complete profiles and portfolio. You'll also find there the "Messenger" button to contact with them privately if you need to.
  4. When you're managing a casting, you also have the "Forum" section, a space where you and the candidates you've approved for the casting can post messages and reply them.
  5. The messages you post in the forum are only sent to the candidates you've approved, so if a model has not been approved yet, or was declined from the "Members" section, they won't be able to see the forum messages.
  6. The messages in the forum of your casting are not published anywhere else, so only you and the models you've approved to the casting can see them.
  7. If you need to send the same message to all the models you've approved for a casting, the best way to do it is to add a message to the forum. The messages you post to the forum are received by all the approved models at the same time.
  8. A useful trick that will help you to manage your models selection is to use the "Lightboxes". Lightboxes allow you to create model lists to your liking. These lists can be set up to be private when you create a Lightbox. This way, you can create a Lightbox titled, for example: "Models with the best profiles", and add there a manual selection of models from your casting, or any other model you might've found anywhere else on Litmind, actually.
  9. To create a Lightbox, use to the Lightboxes option in your account's main menu, you'll find there all your Lightboxes, and a button to create a new one.
  10. To add a model to one of your Lightboxes, go to their profile and click there the "Lightbox" button.
  11. An interesting benefit of using Lightboxes, as you'll see as soon as you create one, is that you can write a private comment about each model you added to the Lightbox. This allows you to easily track the models you're considering by entering specific comments about each of them. This comments are private and only you can read them (the model can't). To add a comment about a model you've added to one of your Lightboxes, click the notepad icon you'll see when hovering the mouse over the model.
  12. Another benefit of the Lightboxes is that you can generate a PDF document containing a list of the models in your Lightbox, including their important data, contact methods and also, if you want, the private comments you entered about them. This PDF is a very handy solution to send your selection via email to your collaborators, or for printing.
  13. To get a PDF of one of your Lightboxes, click the "Export" button you'll find on the top right corner when accessing your Lightbox.
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