Why my messages are being reported as Spam?

The users you contact at Litmind can report your messages if they consider you're sending Spam by clicking the "Report as spam" button when reading your message.

If too much users report your messages as Spam your account might be automatically considered as Spammer and none of your messages will be notified to their addressees. Instead, your messages will be automatically moved to the addressee's "Unwanted" folder.

Please be aware that if we detect you're sending way too much Spam your account can be completely cancelled! We just want to take care of Litmind's great and friendly environment, and nobody likes Spam!

If you're wondering what type of messages can be considered as Spam, just try walking on the other end's shoes. If you're still in doubt, you're probably crossing the Spam line, and the addressee will likely report your message as Spam.

If you want to promote your services, your offers, your workshops, courses or similar things, consider using the Litmind noticeboard, which is a tool specifically designed for this purpose, and it works way better than Spam.

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