What are the high-resolution and "retina" displays?

Some modern computers, laptops and tablets come with high resolution screens that are capable of showing your photos with much more detail and sharpness. Apple calls them "Retina" displays and other brands call them "4K" or "UHD" displays. All well-known brands have been using this kind of screens for a long time now.

An average screen nowadays has a resolution of around 1920x1080, roughly 2 Megapixels. High resolution screens go as high as 5 Megapixels, more than twice the resolution!

Litmind work with this super-high resolutions, and your portfolio will look crystal clear when viewed with one of those screens

To let Litmind show your photos with this extra-crisp resolution, be sure to upload your images with at least 4 Megapixels!

How do I know how many megapixels have my photo? What's the best format and color profile to upload my photos?
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