Why my photos or my name is still appearing on Google even when they're not on Litmind?

Search engines like Google are continuously visiting all the webs on the Internet and copying their contents and photos so they can show the search results when someone uses Google to search something.

When a web page, a social profile or a photo is erased, Google doesn't detects it immediately. Instead, you have to wait until Google visits that page again so he notices it's been removed.

Until this happens, Google keeps showing the photo or the information that has been erased when someone searches for it. When they click those results to access Litmind, though, an error page is shown because the content no longer exists.

We at Litmind cannot speed up this process, as it is Google who controls how often they update their search results. Nonetheless, we follow all the official recommendations from Google to make this process as fast as possible: We immediately show a 404 error page when Google visits us again, so they will know the profile has been removed so they can also remove it from their database.

A lot of people is upset because of this delay, which often takes many weeks. We also don't like that really much because Google doesn't allows us to request an immediate removal of a search result as soon as our user removes the information from Litmind, or deletes one of his photos. On the articles published by Google "How to remove content at Google" and "Remove information from Google" you'll find the official information Google provides about this problem.

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