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If you're a model and you're going to travel, publish a travel notice so the photographers there will get notified! Here's more info:
2y ago
Submit your work to fashion magazines via Litmind! Here you'll find a list of magazines that are currently accepting submissions via Litmind. Browse to the magazine's profile and click the "Submissions" button:
2y ago
The new statistics section allows you to learn about the visits, views, clicks and likes in your profile and your photos. If you have a Pro membership you've already got access to the complete statistics reports, but if you have a Plus or a free membership you still can access some of them.

Here's a link to access your statistics right now:
1y ago
You can now export your lightboxes to PDF, an excellent tool to share your moodboards, model selections and photo inspiration boards with your client or your team!
9m ago
What should I do to add my photos to the Staff Picks, or to have it feature on Litmind's Instagram feed? Here are some hints:
7m ago
Try the Plus or Pro membership totally free for 30 days!

We've added a free membership tier so you can try being Plus or Pro at Litmind for 30 days. If you like it, stay and we'll start charging you 30 days after you subscribe. If for some reason you're not enjoying it, cancel it before 30 days and everything will get back to normal! We'll notify you via email a few days before it ends.

Take a look at the Plus and Pro benefits, and get your free trial here.
4m ago
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