Photo: Amanda Dalbjörn

High-definition fullscreen portfolios

Litmind is ready for high definition screens like the "Retina" displays from Apple, 4k and 5k screens and high resolution mobile screens; you'll love to discover how crisp your photos look in one of those

Viewing photos in your portfolio is also designed to take advantage of all the available screen: Your images will look gorgeous without losing any detail:
Only users wih a Pro membership can upload photos in high definition. If you already have one, you can start uploading HD photos right now, and all other users will also be able to see them in high definition.
There's no need to delete the photos you've already uploaded, you can replace them with the high-resolution versions on the "Manage portfolio" option, by clicking the "Edit photo" button. You won't lose any likes, favs or comments.
Worried about uploading high resolution photos to the Internet? Well, we've added some security measures to make it difficult for burglars to download our images. You always can overlay a watermark in your photos, or simply keep uploading lower resolution photos, no problem!
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