Fashion cinemagraphs

Photos coming alive, a format between the static image and the short film

Image trends are evolving, no matter if you love Kodak Tri-X or if you defend photography exclusively as an static image format: Tools are improving, communication is accelerating and artistic expression is within the reach of more and more people every day. New formats are being invented; Internet and technology allow this. You only need to learn how to use them and to examine your conscience: If these new tools can give me even more creative freedom, why not use them?

The incredible improvement on photo cameras last years gave us the hability to create videos with an outstanding quality. Lots of brave photographers had taken the leap and started creating short films, even full-length movies. Some of them are exploring the symbiosis between fashion photography and moving images in a new trend we already call Fashion films. Some others had redefined their styles, their works and even their customers: The fashion TV advertising world is being fused with the creative universe of those who were "simply" static-image photographers. The same is happeing to musical videos, and there are even some magazines exploring the integration of sound and movement on their pages.
Cinemagraphs are an innovative format in between the static image and the short-film. A visual wink that, for lots of photographers, means a way to mix the best from both formats. Static images with a touch of life: A subtle movement that integrates into the photo, creating a single shot that suddenly acquires a temporal dimension. Here you have some cinemagraphs to inspire you:
All these cinemagraphs were created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, true pioneers of that media who have, actually, coined the term "cinemagraph". Jaime and Kevin work as photographers in New York, and they love to experiment with new formats: They will soon surprise us with their next projects: Cinemagraphic exhibitions!
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