Tips for organizing a photo-shoot

You'll find plenty of tools on Litmind to organize your professional or collaboration photo projects from start to finish. Make the most out of them with this tricks.

Finding models for your shooting

Castings on Litmind reach thousands of models, you can setup filters to match the kind of models you're searching for, and the best is that you'll be able to manage the candidates in a private group: Accept or deny the requests to join the casting, contact all the candidates at once or individually, share files with them and much more. Publish a casting now.

Finding makeup and hair artists, stylists or fashion designers

Most of the times you'll need more people for your project. You can find them on the "Community" section at Litmind, but it's much easier to publish a job on the noticeboard. You'll be able to enter the details and conditions about your project so the people who feels interested will contact you. Publish a job now.
Add reference photos about the photos you're planning to do to the job posting or the casting you publish, it will receive much more visits and will be a lot more useful.

Organize the profiles and the inspiration you're discovering with lightboxes

The lightboxes are boxes where you can store photos, videos and also the profiles on Litmind you like. They can be private so only you can see them, or public. Create a lightbox to store the models you find for your shooting, or a lightbox with reference photos, for example. Learn more about the lightboxes.

Create a group for your project

Groups can be useful in many ways, but if you're organizing a shooting it's super useful to create a private group and add there all your team. You'll be able to contact them all at once to keep'em informed, chat about the details of the work on the private forum, send them the model release documents, manage a group calendar and send them the finished photos easily. Create a group now.

The shooting day

The day has arrived! Here are some tricks while on the rush of the set:
  • Remember to make your team sign the model and authorship release documents.
  • Take making-of photos, or even better, make a making-of video! People loves making-ofs, and they're an excellent way to promote yourself.
Do you need an assitant during the shooting? Some amateur photographers are available to come help you just to have the change to learn while see you working. If you're good enough, of course!

Make your work accessible to the public

We all want our work to be noticed, here are some tips:
  • Publish it on Litmind! Your followers will receive it, and many more will discover you and start following you.
  • If you have a Pro membership, use an advanced folder, they have much more visibility and your photos will look better!
  • Share your work on your social profiles: use the share works on Litmind, or copy and paste the browser URL.
There are many magazines, specially online magazines, that are publishing great works from photographers on Litmind. Discover the magazines that are accepting submissions and send yours!
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